Dermatology Forum

This forum is for questions regarding Dermatology issues, such as: rashes, acne, birthmarks, skin infections, rosacea, and general skin care. All questions will be answered by a medical professional.
I have an almost perfect row of bumps around my corona, well almost all the way around, NEVER change size, but sometimes they do change c...
For the last year I have had itchy legs mostly below the knee, but in the last several months I developed 2 and then 4 circular lesions t...
Who ever heard of someone dying from a black carpet beetle attack. Well, I may be the first documented case. My search on the internet ...
I am a 67 year old, white male in good health, physically fit with a full head of hair. Since my mid-20's I have suffered from a conditi...
I recently had unprotected sex, and the head of my penis is very tender on the left side. We had sex for a very long time and she was not...
Dear Doctor, You have been so reassuring in the past I hope you can help me again. I am a 51 year old male, do smoke, on my feet quite...
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