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I have these white flakey things on the left side of my testicles. I noticed these when my testicles itched, and when I scratched them fo...
So I broke out with a fungal infection all over my body well my scalp was then infected and the whole ordeal was so weird and nothing I e...
I had two bumps genital and I tore one off easy today and it was bleeding a alittle while probably 25 min and then stopped and now it’s s...
Hi, I have struggled with cystic and chronic acne for over a decade, I'm 24 y/o female. I am beginning my 4th year of using Nexplanon bir...
What would cause my waist length hair to retract back into the scalp and tightly twist itself around and around my head? My scalp is sor...
I’ve had this rash on my right buttocks since I was 12 (so for about a decade now). It’s significantly darker than my skin and it’s very ...
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