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My hair is literally retracting back into my scalp, and it's not just the hair on my head nor is it just my scalp retracting my hair! My ...
Ok so a few weeks ago I developed this clear water fill blister just above my left knee.( Mind you, I have edema in my right leg. Not my ...
I have suffered with Exfoliative Keratolysis on my hands and feet for 27 years now. In fact it was only by going online recently that I ...
ive been noticing noticing that my skin seems to look like it had glitter all over it. I’ve also have some kinda stinging sensation all o...
I have these papules on my hands, fingers, and wrists that started about 2 weeks ago. It possibly started or I noticed it after doing yar...
I have had problems with calluses on my heel of my foot. I have tried shaving off the callus and that seems to work but the past couple m...
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