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After hearing from a friend about shampoo being a good lubricant i tryed it out yesterday and now my penis gets very dry and is now peeli...
My hair moves by itself. It drives me insane at times. It has changed texture also. The way the natural hair used to grow has actually ch...
I have an itch extending from the top of my anus through the other side of my (? crotch?). I use the 4% OTC cream on it, which helps, bu...
lo que pasa esque llevo mucho tiempo sufriendo de dermatitis seborreica en las cejas y el dermatologo me receto usar desonida espuma 0.05...
My brothers daughter body problem are the shape and colour of a mole but are flat like they are apart of the skin, between 20-30 now all ...
I accidentally touched one of my grandma's wart located on her arm and now i dont know what to do. I did wash my hand after finding out b...
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