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I failed my 3hr and I was reading slightly on it. I'm scared and destraught. What happened to you guys when you found out you failed?
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I failed my 1hr glucose screening test but passed my 3hr one... For those who failed both and was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes how...
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Anyone else diagnosed with GDM in the first trimester?
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I am diagnosed for gestational diabetes at week 23. Is it possibke to have natural birth? Or is it only ceaserian birth possible?
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Hello,I'm diabetic patient,its label Glucose(F) is 9.76 mol/L and Glucose (2ABF) is 17.32 mol/L.I already get hepatitis vaccine 6 year a...
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Im 17 and a first time mama and today i found out i had gestational diabetes what will this mean for me and my baby im freaking out pleas...
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I was told that I needed to be at a 90 or below to pass my glucose test and I was told I got a 92. So they told me I have gestational dia...
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I have not yet confirmed that I got GD again but I'm pretty sure I do because the way I feel. I know it's not nausea from morning sicknes...
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i have my test diabetes test this morning. I wasn't going to eat but I'm reallyyy hungry so I'm eating cornflakes with 2% milk is that g...
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I'm 25 and 6w2d. My Dr made me take the 1hr test because my daughter was a large baby, I'm overweight and I'm over 25. I failed the 1 hr ...
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Hey yall. Has anyone ever had gestational diabeties? Well my sugar was high when I went to do my 1st test. I was told that it will most l...
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Ugh, I failed the test with 169. I now have to do the 3 hour test. Curious what others have experienced with this test. What was your 1 h...
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I ate sugar free toast at 5 am..my test was 1:15..?highest score is 139 you can have.mine was 170...I have to take 3hr test now.did you ...
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I'm curious
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Lately always craving sugar. Sign of gestational diabetes?
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I failed my one hour glucose test. The cutoff was 140 and my number came back as 170. I do not like or eat anything that is sweet. :(...
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Has anyone else failed the 1 hr test and told that you are considered automatic Diabetic? Asked specialist about 3 hr test and they said...
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Hi everyone. I'm 33+3 at 28 weeks I was told I had gestational diabetes. I went to the midwife yesterday and when she measured me I was m...
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Im 29 weeks. The last glucose test i had was 165. Going back for a second test in a few days. Anyone going through Gestational Diabetes?
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