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Ok it all started 3 weeks ago. My daughter had what we thought was a stomach virus well the vomiting and all stopped rather quickly howev...
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I noticed quite of few questions from other parents regarding their children with type 1 complaining of stomach aches, I would like to "a...
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I have diagnosed with diabetes from last 2 years and now i have to work in the mid night shift what should be my diet from 6pm to 6am IST...
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Hello Type 1 Community Members... This is the last week to answer our diabetes and weight loss survey on MedHelp, which you'll find on th...
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I've been a Brittle diabetic for almost 33 years, but this past year just recently got into some eye problems. My right eye started w/ju...
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I have been married to a type 1 diabetic for almost 2 years. We only dated about 6 mths prior to our marriage part of which time he work...
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Happy anniversary to Super_sally888, your Community Leader for 2 years this month! Please thank her for all she does for MedHelp members.
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Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with type one 3 weeks ago. I have noticed that no matter what I do the lantus stings after I inject it be...
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Hi guys, I was recently prescribed topamax for migraines but it's also decreased my appetite, meaning I don't have to take as much insu...
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My daughter had some skittles.Out of curiosity i checked her glucose 15 minutes after consumption and it was 211. I checked 90 minutes la...
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Hi guys! I'm an 18 year old who gets plenty of exercise and eats a mostly balanced diet regularly. I had a drip (for just over an h...
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i am a type 1 diabetic. and for the past 2 yrs have had poor diabetes control with an a1c of 13.3. since hospitalization i have had much ...
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Was dropped off parents insurance due to age & Cobra offering is too expensive. I have a limited income.
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Hey everyone! I was just diagnosed diabetic a month ago at age 30. It had been up in the air if I was type 1 or 2. Many of my symptoms (D...
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I was wondering if it is normal to get a bruise where you inject your insulin. I am new to this T1 Diabetic thing so I have only been giv...
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Hello. I have read that some IV's (like they hook you up to for a surgery) have sugar or salt in them. Is there any way to request a spec...
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My husband is a T1D diagnosed at the age of 34. My 5 year old daughter has sugars that average 110-125 throughout the day. She had a ph...
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Hi All, I am an African and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes some ten years ago. Two of my stable foods are plantain (green) and co...
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Aged 56, diagnosed with Type one 5 years ago, in general my daily readings go from 5 to 7, my hBa1c over the last 4 years is always in th...
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I am interested about this new and interesting therapy. I am tired of shots!
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