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Hello- I have recently had a GTT with Insulin Response and I am trying to figure out what is going on. Here are the results: Fastin...
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Hello Last year at a random health screening i was discovered to have high triglycerides (10 hrs before the test i had a stout and chees...
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My A1c jumped up 7.8 percent, trying to check blood sugar throughout the day
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My grandmother had Type 2 diabetes.
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I started Victozia last month and have been happy with the results so far, having lost about 7 lbs. so far and only having had 2 episodes...
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Advice wanted on I am taking glucophaage white pills 500 mg every day since 2005. In 2009 i upped dose to 4 pills a day so total of 2000 ...
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The body is gain thin
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Metformin has literally taken my appetite for meat!!! How do I get the protein I need?
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I'm a 5'9" male who weighs 145 pounds, does not smoke, drinks occasionally and has always been thin. I take no medications. I noticed ...
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Please take a moment to reach out to brice1967, and give a shout out for how much you appreciate everything! Congratulations brice196...
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Okay I can go good for awhile of my numbers being 7-10 and then if my back goes out laided up few weeks then takes me months to get back ...
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I went to a new doctor for a routine check-up before flying out of town for a brief vacation after my home blood pressure machine showed ...
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I dispose of my lancets by putting the cap back on & placing it & the used test strip inside the foil of an alcohol swab envelope. Is thi...
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4 months back my weight was Kg 77. So I have decided to maintain the weight loss, for that I have controlled my diet. I had consumed only...
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I went in for a physical 3 weeks and found out that my A1C was 10.7! They immediately put me on metformin and I have changed my diet. I u...
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Hi, if Triglyceride = 68.0 (Normal = 50 - 150) Total Cholesterol = 160.00(Normal is 150-200) HDL= 44.00 (Normal 40-60) LDL= 102.00(No...
I'm Diabetic and need a low oxalate diet and I'm so confused with all the different lists online.  My doctor advised taking extra cinnamo...
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Please share your experience with insulin. I was placed on it yesterday.
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Thank You
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If I do everything right, can I ever be diabetic free?
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