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I would like to start a diet and need suggestions.
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What are preventative measures? Bob Obesity?
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I did about 15 minutes of cardio then quite a bit of strength training the other day, my first day getting into exercise in a long time. ...
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Any information on Medifast
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i just got my A1c test back and my number is 6.3. Where do i go from here?
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Lost 30 pounds and trying to gain it back going to gym 4 days a week not helping so thinking about taking supplements but kinda scared be...
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I don't know what the average A1C should be
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Please update
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Im new to this app using about 2 full weeks, i log test 5 times day. How accurate do you find the a1c they show
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I was diagnosed with diabetes about 9 months ago. I have a family history and a rare orphan disease that seems to have ignited the Diabet...
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How did you choose which blood glucose monitor to use? Are there certain features that make one better then the other?
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I stay tired and sleepy a lot. Before I found out I was a diabetic I didn't have this problem.
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total daily metformin 1250. too much? my current weigh 72kg (before 78kg)with total height 165cm. morning fasting mmol/L 6-7 after meal 1...
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So I was diagnosed with Type 2 in August of last year. I have a few concerns with my diagnosis. First, the whole reason my doc did a full...
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the drug glimepiride, is not making my blood sugar level lower; instead is higher 250! I am taking 2mg twice a day. My doctor says all ...
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Someone in my family has diabetes and she has been having dialysis treatment for over a year now. At the moment, one of her legs is compl...
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hello friends, i am 32 male, 4 months ago diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on that time my A1C was 11% and fasting blood sugar FBS was 286m...
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I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and began watching my diet and exercising immediately. So far I am still considered pre-diabetic.
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My father began to have major vision issues once he was diagnosed with diabetes.
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I was diagnosed with MODY diabetes in 2012 and I don't see a category for it here. I joined type two because I am not on insulin, however...
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