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We are glad you are here and have some great resources to help! If you have been newly diagnosed, are wondering if you are at risk, or h...
My husband and I are interested in getting some to learn more about what foods we have in our diet are okay for us, and which ones we sho...
I was having body odor issues, which seemed to improve once I got my sugar down & eliniated sugar + coffee from my diet. But I am having ...
I found a group here that had a left thalamic stroke. Mine was November 2016 and in spite of PT, acupuncture, and deep massages, my numb...
The old saying "you are what you eat". So a healthy way of eating. A Lifelong way of eating.
I want to be a healthier me
Hello again guys. Do you what is the best and accurate home glucose meter?
hi everyone An item widely circulated via social media in recent days advocated cutting the ends off a few okra slices, soaking the sli...
I'm asking about diabetes
So I've been having this issue for a while i really dont know if is herpes, diabetes or just yeast im really scared as ive been having th...
I've seen lots of stuff on the internet, but thought I'd ask on here.
Hi I was put on metformin two days ago and I am not sure if what I am feeling are side effects or not. Starting late yesterday afternoon ...
I have had type 2 for about three years. Recently my morning readings have started to go up and average around 130. During the day before...
I take 500mg extended release metformin twice a day, morning and bedtime. All of my morning blood glucose test are high and average betwe...
I would like to start a diet and need suggestions.
What are preventative measures? Bob Obesity?
I did about 15 minutes of cardio then quite a bit of strength training the other day, my first day getting into exercise in a long time. ...
Any information on Medifast
i just got my A1c test back and my number is 6.3. Where do i go from here?
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