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I had been taking Abilify for ten years. Recently I found out that l have prediabetes. I realized that the medicine is probably the cause...
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Hi, I have dark underarms and thighs as well. I know whenever a person starts to get these things it can be a symptom of diabetes. All my...
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My dad developed diabetes at a later age and I want to prevent it.
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Hi I'm a 19 year old mail and play college basketball. Im 6'8 and about 175 pounds. My grandma had type2 diabetes before she passed and ...
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My Glucose after 7 hours of when I last ate was 110. Is that within normal range or considered prediabetic?
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Hi guys. I am a commercial pilot. I am 42 and man. My father had diabetes and no more in all my family don't have/had diabetes. My we...
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How do I get my A1C levels down I was labeled by my physician as prediabetic in 1 year I went from 5.8-6.0 though I lost 6 pounds is ther...
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what is a good sugar reading
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i was talking to a friend regarding her diabetes type two, and she said she found out she had this by using a glucose monitor a few times...
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What is the best meter?
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Hi and thank you for taking the time to read this. My a1c been up and down for a year now and back in February my a1c rocketed to 6.5 fro...
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I've noticed for a year or so that I eat a lot and am hungry a lot, but gain no weight, already being rather skinny. I've already been t...
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yesterday blood test has been done. report indicates fasting 105 mg & after food 91 mg. i am taking formin 500 SR tab daily. pls inform m...
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I want to know if black beans, eggs and milk 2% fat are bad for a prediabetic
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12 days ago I received a 2ml bethametasone injection for lower back severe pain. Two days ago I came with 125mg/dl fasting glucose readin...
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Hi Guys, i'm basically 32, morbidly Obese, Height 5'7''/67inches, Weight 245 Pounds/110KG, Finally I went to see a renowned Endocrin...
I'm trying to fulfill the requirements of my health survey.
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About a year ago during routine blood work, my fasting glucose result was found to be 102. My doctor (an endocrinologist I see for my thy...
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Hi I'm just wondering if anyone could give me some answers about how fast an a1c will rise after 6 months???. I was diagnosed with predia...
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