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Is this normal? I took a home test with a cheap and badly rated(understatement) monitor. It came back 162. I immediately tested with...
I don’t take any medication but I am diagnosed with Pre-diabetes. My fasting glucose is 5.1 and my two hour after sugar consumption is 10...
I'm 25 years old, my parents having diabetes problem. past few months I've noticed that my frequency of urination got increased. Somebody...
The doctor couldn't schedule and appointment until 2:30 pm and I have to fast. That's a long time to go without eating - almost 24 hours!
Blood tests last week - fasting glucose was 115 mg/dL. A1C was 5.6%. Does that mean pre-diabetes, diabetes, or neither?
have been to the doctor with my wife to do a blood check up since after covid her cholesterol went up quite a bit. Her total cholesterol ...
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