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Hi I have been taking diabetes meds for about 5 years off and on Most of them make me feel tired and don’t work I took Ozympic but I d...
Hi l am 48 and overweight but eat a healthy diet but worried about the risk of type 2 diabetes. l last had a full blood test three years ...
At what point does having type 2 diabetes affect one's eyes? Why does it do that? And what are the first signs? It's confusing because a...
My doctor recently changed my long acting insulin from lantus 90 units at night, to toujeo 90 units. Since taking toujeo I have gained 8 ...
I am just so tired and frustrated.....the doctor has me on lantus at night....he started me out taking 10 and now I'm up to 44 at night a...
I know that both are important, but the A1C is an average of the previous 3 months and your glucose can change several times during any ...
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