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HEALTHY LIVING CHALLENGE 2020 School will be starting soon, which means we’re nearing the end of summer and I’d like to take this oppor...
Nov 2, 2020 / Christine Carter PhD When we received the stay-at-home order in March 2020 — I live in California — I came out of the ga...
October 27, 2015 3.43pm EDT "Children are manifesting increased rates of adult diseases like hypertension or high triglycerides. And t...
Good morning. How is everyone doing this morning? Everything is pretty calm here for right now, though we do have a tropical storm bear...
Good morning. How is everyone doing this morning? It looks like it's going to be a really nice day, but the time change has me askew, a...
"Belly flab is like a storage unit for the rest of your body. If cells were personified, each fat cell would be an overbearing grandp...
Good morning. How is everyone doing today? It's pretty quiet here... we can sure tell winter is not far off, though the temperatures ar...
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