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Digestive Disorders / Gastroenterology Forum

This is a place to ask questions about digestive problems and receive a personal answer from a highly qualified doctor. You will also find support from other members who share your interest in digestive disorders. Digestive Disorders include: Anal and Rectal problems, Barrett’s Esophagus, Bleeding in the Stomach and Digestive Tract, Constipation, Crohn’s Disease, Gastritis, GERD, Heartburn, Proctitis, Short Bowel Syndrome, Ulcers, Whipple’s Disease, Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome (and many more).
I had my gallbladder removed almost a year ago. I've seen comments posted about this in the forum, but no real answer or explanation as ...
Febuary 21st I noticed I was getting sore in my rectum when I would sit some times. I had some bright blood earlier that month on my tp,...
My cousin has been hospitalized for 10 days. She is having liver problems/function, pancreaitis, they drained 6 1/2 liters of fluid out ...
16 months ago I went to the emergency room due to severe abdominal pain and vomiting, and several days ago, out of the blue and to my hor...
Timeline: Beginning 3 weeks ago - slight feeling of bloating and fullness after a small meal Tues, June 3 11:PM - after eating fe...
About 3 months ago I started getting a dull pain in the center of my chest that the Dr. said was gastritis and prescribed me Nexium..It w...
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