Down Syndrome Community

I have a 10 yo girl with Downs Syndrome and we are running into a situation where she is telling her 6 yo brother to touch her bare botto...
Hi Everyone, just wanted to find out if anyone knows of families who have had more than one child "born to them" with DS. In other words ...
My 25 year old stepson has Down's Syndrome. I have been married to his Dad for almost 2 years. My stepson has been masturbating and wipin...
It has been going on for a while and we have not been able to suss out the what or the why for why this family member does this. The s...
Me and my husband recently took custody of our 3 year old nephew. He has Down syndrome and has a lot of food allergies. When he eats it t...
My wife is 13 weeks pregnant and we got our blood test results back this week to say the Downs Syndrome test came out positive. We are ab...
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