Down Syndrome Community

Hi - I am 39 and pregnant with identical twins (MONO/Dia) We had a 12 week pre-screen ultrasound which showed 1.4 NT Twin A and 1.8 NT T...
My daughter is 25 and lives in supported living. Since early this year has been suffering with depression. Has become very aggressive and...
To the parents of children or adults with Down Syndrome, do you have any concerns with your child texting in terms of linguistics or appr...
My son is 12 years old has down syndrome,he is a nice and kind young boy, but when it's time to get in the shower and get ready for bed o...
I am now 19 weeks pregnant and have confirmed that my baby boy has downs.I recently went to my specialist and had a sonogram. The baby wa...
my son is 6 years old and was born with down, lately he is having behaviors that seems a tease. He sometimes if he try to talk to a kid a...
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