Down syndrome Group

This group is for anyone and everyone who is interested in Down syndrome. Perhaps you have a child with Down syndrome, or family member. We all have questions and sometimes the best resources are each other. Hopefully this group can help if you are struggling with a diagnosis either prenatally or after birth. This group was created with the hopes of educating and helping those who want to know about Down syndrome. If however, you are struggling with a decision regarding termination, please know that the people who are here, are here because they have either chosen or accepted Down syndrome in their lives. Whatever your questions, stories or concerns hopefully we can help.
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Anyone have any comments on what it might be or experience same thing? Im going crazy not knowing!!
I have a baby with down sydrome im 18 years old and hes 7 weeks old, hes due for a heart operation when hes 3 months old, im really worri...
he just dont want to he well fall down and if you take him to the bathroom he will just sit on the toltel. he will pull out his priviate ...
Im 11wks 3dys prego Dr. advised my fetus tested positive for downsyndrome from my blood test, meeting w/specialist next Wed 3/9. Any one ...
Hi-my sister, who has Down syndrome, is 29 years old and over the last couple of years she has started to develop, what now I believe are...
well i think you all know macy entered this world on friday may 14th just a bit early. she is perfect but having issues with feeding. i...
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