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For years I have experienced intermittant smells of cigarette smoke (thought it was my dead father visiting me!). Anyway, for the past fe...
For a year now I have been getting small blood lumps about the size and shape of teardrops coming from my mouth they are usually solid un...
Hello. I had a pimple in my outter ear and I scratched it and after that a bump was swollen under my ear (bellow my ear and above my jaw...
Hi i have meniere's disease for 11 years. The last 5 years, no symptoms at all except for the hearing lost. Since feb 8, 2012, i have e...
Dear Doctor I am 28 years old male ,before two months I got sever sore throat ,dysphagia and odynophagia ,with out any other symptoms ...
Hello. My 42-year old husband (non-smoker, good health) has just had his third parotidectomy (multiple recurrent benign pleomorphic aden...
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