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My 3 year old had a T and A done about four months ago for sleep apnea. He also has pollen allergies with pretty bad nasal congestion as...
I have been experiencing a warm, red and swollen nose from time to time. At first my nose would only turn red and warm after coming insi...
My 3 year old son had a T and A about 4 months ago. He has been having nasal congestion from allergies and his ent decided to scope him....
Hello Doctor, I have had a swollen area above my left collarbone for over 2 months. My primary doctor wanted to watch and see. In the me...
Hello, I am 21 year old male and as far as i know i am in decent health. The last month my over all health has declined quite a bit. I ha...
I was diagnosed two years ago with copd. About three weeks ago I began becoming hoarse almost constantly and my sputum seems to have cha...
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