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Thank you for your time. I have a mass in the left side of my neck that lies just below the jawline, in front of the ear. I see an ENT ...
Hello, I currently have slight discomfort in the left side of my throat, deeper than my tonsils. I've tried looking in a mirror wth a...
I am 65 years old.I have two reasons for wanting a tonsillectomy and probable uvulopalatopharyngoplasty....I have tonsiloliths (my primar...
I have been living with heartburn for a long time now an have seen a doctor about it Im going back to doctor again an hoping to have the ...
Outside edge of rightside of my ear turns red,also feels hot and swells some,from time to time
In June of this year I had a root canal done on an upper rear tooth. The tooth started hurting around midnight and by morning when I co...
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