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I have had a sensation of something caught in my tonsil or right below it, like a popcorn kernel or fish bone, for several weeks. I went ...
Female/40 years old. Thank you for your time. What would you recommend for a patient with a left side thyroid nodule with measureme...
Ever since I can remember my tonsils are different. they seem to me to be fairly round but with almost craters indented in them. and thos...
I'm a 42 years old male, about 5 month ago, I had a severe sore throut very hi fever that would not come down with Motrine Tylonol. fever...
I'm very paranoid about throat cancer because I have hpv. I was looking in my throat and I noticed there were some small white spots and ...
I am a 43-year-old woman. I got strep a lot as a child. Now that I have kids, I seem to get it more than a few times a year. I have it...
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