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Questions in the Ear Disorders forum are answered by Dr. Eric Wilkinson. Topics include acoustic neuroma, skull base tumors, hearing loss, cochlear implants, stapes surgery, eardrum repair, chronic ear infection, facial nerve problems, childhood deafness, vertigo, balance disorders, and tinnitus.
Hello I am 28 years old and this is what is going on. I have been sick on and off for the past 2 months, on March 5th my body gave up a...
Hi My name is Patricia, Im 22 and had my tonsiectomy last year as I had always suffered with throat infections. As a child I would have ...
I returned from Colorado in Jan and since them I have had a bad ear infection. I went 5 times to my primary physican and now twice to my ...
Hi My son is 2.5 years old . He was speaking well when he was 1.5 yrs old all of a sudden he stopped speaking . Now we had his heari...
i had a stapendectomy 16 yrs ago in rt ear my worse one . igot a hearing aid for it . it is now my better ear i should have had left ear ...
Hello, I have had vertigo and balance problems (3 years), and tinnitus (high pitched insect sound in left ear/quieter in right ear/and...
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