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Questions in the Ear Disorders forum are answered by Dr. Eric Wilkinson. Topics include acoustic neuroma, skull base tumors, hearing loss, cochlear implants, stapes surgery, eardrum repair, chronic ear infection, facial nerve problems, childhood deafness, vertigo, balance disorders, and tinnitus.
Hi! I got the "real" flu! I had a Dr appt anyways on the 4th of March, so my dr put me on Tamiflu for 5 days. I started with the cough.....
On November 17th 2007 I made a huge mistake of doing a few lines of cocaine along with marijuana and alcohol. Less than a week later I f...
Hello everyone. I'v always had problems with my ears since i was born producing to much ear wax, when i was little i had to do to t...
I have a friend who has this flaky dry stuff in her ear. When she picks it out it's like her ear is oozing moist stuff out. She has been ...
I have a green fungus in my ears. I went to a ENT doctor and he cleaned them out but it is still in there. They will hurt. I know it c...
Dr, in addition to my sudden hearing loss and other symptoms I also now have a 'heartbeat' in my ear when I lie on it. I still have not f...
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