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Questions in the Ear Disorders forum are answered by Dr. Eric Wilkinson. Topics include acoustic neuroma, skull base tumors, hearing loss, cochlear implants, stapes surgery, eardrum repair, chronic ear infection, facial nerve problems, childhood deafness, vertigo, balance disorders, and tinnitus.
I have this large lump in the front of my ear lobe. It hurts a lot when i touch it.. It is red and perhaps swollen because i thought it ...
10 years ago I began having very sudden, severe attacks of vertigo. I saw a neurologist who diagnosed me with BPPV after an MRI, MRA and ...
I am a 59 year old male who has had ear aches and some hearing loss as a child. Over the years the loss has gotten worst to the point the...
Sir, thank you for your response. I have posted some more images on this link which i hope you will look at to get a better picture maybe...
Hello: I posted a couple of weeks ago called "Chronic Dizziness." I mentioned I have weeks at a time of dizziness, not room spinning ...
Hi! I am a 28 yr old female and have been having problems since I was 21. I have a lot of different symptoms. I am dizzy, lightheaded, ...
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