Eat Hearty, Drink Deep, Live Life Group

Eating and drinking need not be unpleasant to be healthy, if done in a mindful and moderate manner. One can even include food and beverages sometimes regarded as "suspect." Part of the secret is to look at what you prepare, look at your needs and match them in a joy-filled way! Mealtime should add to one's life; not just be a duty for fueling up.
Earlier this week, even though temps were in the high 90's, I had a hankering for baked haddock. Hmmm, thinks I, how to do that withou...
Southern cooking has never been accused of being 'health food'. Meatloaf: 2# lean HB meat, 2 eggs, 1 diced green bell pepper, 1 diced oni...
Apples, raisins, onion, honey, mead and apple pie spice mix. Made this as my contribution to a potluck dinner with friends last Saturd...
My herb garden is having a bumper crop this year. What is the best way to preserve these? Drying? If this is it, what's the best metho...
okay I have always loved meat loaf but somehow it never stays as moist as I would like, I try to let it cook slowly but its just not righ...
... here in the northern 1/2 o' the globe ;-) Winter Warmer Beef Soup Foodstuffs: 2# well-trimmed chuck steak - cubed, 1/2# ea Port...
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