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Eating Disorders Community

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Hi, I am stumped because I just had diarrhea, but it usually only happens a day or two after a purge and I haven't had it for a while it ...
i'm a 14 year old girl who struggles with eating. i have not consistently eaten breakfast/lunch/dinner for 3 years now. this morning i tr...
I am a Mom of an obese adult daughter (27 yrs old). She has been grossly overweight for the last 5 years (started after she began and qui...
Do you remember the early days of your eating disorder? How did it begin? How old were you? Were there other things mental health wise go...
I either eat too much or not enough. Currently, I'm fasting to lose more weight. It's like I'm addicted to losing weight. No one knows ho...
I want to best know how to help my friend who is definitely ana/bulimic with also found out she has cancer. This is also causing her to ...
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