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Eating Disorders Community

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Everyone has to eat, right? So, if you are prone to eating disorders, how do you do normal things like manage your weight, lose a couple...
I have suffered from binge eating since I was 20 yrs old. I am now 36. For the last 15 yrs I have been on many many anti depressants, di...
Since June I have lost 10 pounds I am now 5 foot 10 and 146 pounds Latly my ribs have been hurting sometimes it feels like something ...
Hi, I’m currently 16, and have been bulimic for 6 months now. My periods have been absent for a even longer time, which really concerns m...
This is not a question, just a few tips for those who are on the road to recovering from an eating disorder. Just a little background on ...
i always go through phases where nothing looks appetizing n when i look at food or smell it, it makes me feel sick, i could go months wit...
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