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Ectopic Pregnancy Group

This is for all the women who have had an ectopic pregnancy and the hard-ships we go through and overcome when it comes to the emotional pain. TTC after an ectopic pregnancy may be harder, but there is a fight within us all that can beat the odds together.
I just found out two weeks ago I was pregnant, for the first time. I couldn't have been happier. For once in my life, I felt like I had a...
i had an ectopic pregnancy in the right tube, three years back. i had to undergo a surgery and doctors removed my right tube. . i was als...
had an ectopic pregnancy & i got it removed on june 8 , 2011 . i started bleeding on june 12th & its kinda heavy . should i still be ble...
I everyone! I just joined the group and I just wanted to say that back in May I found out that I had a ectopic pregnancy at almost 8 week...
hi im 6 weeks 2days pregnant, i had a scan at 5weeks 2days because i was having cramping and shoulder pain but NO bleeding, They seen a s...
Hello I just found out on 7/11/10 that i have endro and it caused me to have an ectopic pregnancy. I am going to have another surgery in ...
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