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Does anyone know of a surgeon who has removed chocolate cyst and was able to save the ovaries?
I'm 29 years old. After two years of struggling to find a treatment that worked for endometriosis, we finally found that LoSeasonique see...
Hello everyone, Recently i had a TVE and the results were: - both ovaries have multiloculated mixed echogenic cysts (i remember her s...
Hey! I'm 17. I have very heavy periods: night pads during the day, have to change evey 1.5 hours or less for 2-3 days (this means I can't...
Hi I am reese 29 I have some post to ovarian cyst & ovarian cancer forum I am diagnosed with 2 ovarian cysts 10&7 cm. last Dec. 2013 they...
I’ve been in so much pain for years when I get my period I finally went to the Doctor Who said it was probably endometriosis based on my ...
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