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Endometriosis Community

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with endo 6 months back and was operated on immediately. The gyne later commented i had stage 4 endo which w...
I had a ultrasound in my pelvic area due to toe her reasons but they have found a 8x4x7mm echogenic area internal vascularity, not sure w...
Starting about 3 years ago I started having really irregular periods and when I would have them they are incredibly painful and last a re...
Since I was 14 I have suffered from extremely painful periods, I suffer from IBS which I think is linked and is the main cause of my peri...
I'm 19 years old. Based on my symptoms and family history, my mom and I are suspecting I have endometriosis. My blood tests came back to ...
I just read a bunch on here, sorry first time user! i saw a surgeon that specializes in endo. she is really good. she recommends a hyster...
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