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Welcome to the Erectile Dysfunction community. Topics covered include drugs that cause ED, heart-related ED, kidney-related ED, impotence, multiple sclerosis, nerve damage, penile pumps, Peyronie’s Disease, questions to ask your doctor about ED, social issues regarding ED, stress, spinal cord injury, and surgery.
Hello. Im a 43 yo man. I never had any trouble with my erections until about mid-may. I started Abilify around that time but has since st...
Just seeing if anyone has tried this. I'm close to the big day with my gf, and my DR. Gave me the option if 10-20mg additional Cialis, o...
Hi, let's see if anyone has a similar problem and can serve as a guide. For a few years now, I have been suffering from an erectile dysfu...
cannot get hard at all not even to masturbate. any suggestions as to how i can get off as i need to empty out
I am a male and I am getting boners (erections) easily. Much too easily for what would be considered normal. It has a big negative impact...
Hi all I'm a 28yo male, in relatively good shape (182cm and 73kg). I've never had sex, I would like to but my erections completely disap...
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