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Welcome to the Erectile Dysfunction community. Topics covered include drugs that cause ED, heart-related ED, kidney-related ED, impotence, multiple sclerosis, nerve damage, penile pumps, Peyronie’s Disease, questions to ask your doctor about ED, social issues regarding ED, stress, spinal cord injury, and surgery.
I’m 18 years old, 6’1” with a slim/average build, used to play football 4 times a week but have stopped this recently, I walk 30 minutes ...
Im not on any meds or drugs and i workout 6 times a week doing cardiovascular excerise 3 times out of those. im not stressed either. My ...
I'm a 42 year old heterosexual male, previously a long-time cigarette smoker, but still a long-time marijuana smoker and regular drinker....
Hi to all, I just want to point out that many men who have ED (light or severe), may be suffering PNE (Pudendal Nerve Entrapment) Not man...
Hello everyone, I ve been struggling with ed ever since i did a testosterone cycle in 2018. I tried to recover multiple times with ...
I used a testosterone injection for about 3months, recently stopped. struggling to get a full erection or to keep it for long, Tried via...
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