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Welcome to the Erectile Dysfunction community. Topics covered include drugs that cause ED, heart-related ED, kidney-related ED, impotence, multiple sclerosis, nerve damage, penile pumps, Peyronie’s Disease, questions to ask your doctor about ED, social issues regarding ED, stress, spinal cord injury, and surgery.
I used a testosterone injection for about 3months, recently stopped. struggling to get a full erection or to keep it for long, Tried via...
I discussed my occasional ED with my psych doc and we both feel it's anxiety related. He recommended propranolol 10mg just before sex. ...
A few years ago I took Adderall and I've had erectile dysfunction ever since. A few years later I was prescribed an antidepressant and I'...
Typical Surgery drugs
I've been dealing with some ED just as I am about to penetrate, happens even with Cialis 20mg. Pretty convinced it's an anxiety issue be...
I'm 74 years old and i'm still trying to enjoy my sex life
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