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Welcome to the Erectile Dysfunction community. Topics covered include drugs that cause ED, heart-related ED, kidney-related ED, impotence, multiple sclerosis, nerve damage, penile pumps, Peyronie’s Disease, questions to ask your doctor about ED, social issues regarding ED, stress, spinal cord injury, and surgery.
I am a male in mid 30s and I am experiencing ED post COVID for past 4 months, and still no signs of recovery. I would always get mornin...
Hello, to see if someone has something similar and can help me. I am 25 years old, with a very slim build and do very little exercise. Fo...
I have valve leakage. Will trimix still work on me?
I have had a constantly tight pelvic floor for years from excessive masturbation and poor posture and recently had a spasm in what I th...
So sometimes when I get intimate with my gf I either have trouble maintaining or getting a erection this does not always happen with her...
Erection problems at first date Hi! As the title suggests, I have some problems getting it up and keeping my erection when meeting som...
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