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Questions in the Erection Concerns Forum are being answered by Janice M Epp, PhD, a Clinical Sexologist from The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. This forum is for questions and discussions about the psychological aspects of Erection problems or erectile dysfunction.
Im a male in my early 20's in good physical shape and recently I have been experiencing some erection difficulties. It started a few mont...
Does Prostate massage involves Masturbation by a therapist?
Hello. I had a spinal fusion done last April (2009) and since then I've noticed a severe lack of libido and/or ability to get and mainta...
I have obtained sample pack of viagra and it does work nicely! However iam concerened about 1 thing. Will it show up in a drug test, as ...
How firm should your testicles actually be as I have to admit I have never checked before but would like to know. Are they ok if they are...
I was recently diagnosed with peripheral neuropathies and a trigeminal neuralgia, for which I am taking Lyrica (100mg x3). These are ver...
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