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Questions in the Erection Concerns Forum are being answered by Janice M Epp, PhD, a Clinical Sexologist from The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. This forum is for questions and discussions about the psychological aspects of Erection problems or erectile dysfunction.
Hello doctor, In brief, During an intercourse 2 yrs back i had severe pain, like penile fracture (as i researched). I had erection pr...
is matubration causes illeness to a male body n some of my friends say that they feel like they lost all of their enrgy afetr mastubratio...
Hi. I have had my problem since my young 20's and now I'm 35. Till this date, I NEVER get morning erections, not one time I can remember....
Around Nov. 2010, I had sex with a girl, who bit me during oral sex & ever since then, I’ve had problems. My penis size has decreased (I ...
I am 35 since I was 25 I havent been able to keep an erection for long I am with my new girlfriend for 5 months we had sex maybe 7 time o...
Here are some facts about me... **I'm 34 now... **I have not had morning erections for YEARS! **Sometimes I try going days with mast...
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