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I am 38 years old, 150 lbs, and weight train and exercise. I am in very good condition. Two months ago, however, I completely tore my d...
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I'm 16, 180cm and weigh around 93kg. I need to start loosing weight, but I don't where how to start or what sort of plan to go by. I don'...
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Hi I m 21 years old ..I addicted to eating raw rice, chokepeice ,sand etc from 5th std and I continued eating it till my 10th standard al...
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I just starting exercising. Im wondering if its dangerous for my health if my pulse goes to 191 .
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How would you improve or increase blood cells . via natural food or by container food and what would you suggest for vegetarian people
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developed severe knee pain during a (3mile)walk (Iam relatively fit) was x-rayed not torn or broken referred to family physician who...
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I was diagnosed in 1996 with an over active thyroid, I weighed 111 lbs. I'm 5'5" tall. After treatment for a few years the thyroid went...
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I've had an issue with getting a rash after exercise. However, what's unique about my situation is the rash comes out about 2 hours afte...
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I love running, using aerobic equipment and lifting weights; however, I ususually experience flu-like symtoms for days, sometimes weeks, ...
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Six months ago, I fell on my out stretched hand. I broke my radial bone, it was a clean break. It was casted and the doctor said x-rays s...
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Hi guys :) Im a 28 year old woman suffering from an under active thyroid. I have gained over 40lbs in 2 years. I have always been v...
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(I'm 31, female) I'm not one to have constipation very often, so I was very surprised when I noticed I was constipated last Saturday. I w...
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I played football 3 days ago. Then on the eve of next day,I started to have pain on the middle front and lower back part of the thigh. It...
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Hi! So I am sustaining a UCL injury from javelin throwing. Its not a tear and its nowhere near as severe as a tear, it just hurts while t...
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i don't know the right weight
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I'm 5'5 and around 190 and I want to start working out and eating better just don't know where or how to start any advice?
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I am trying to lose 20-25 more pounds does someone have any advice
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I'm 26 old male. My height and weight are 164cm and 54kg. I need to incease my weight and height about 60kg and 170cm as soon as possible...
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I want to know whether Dark Chocolate with 85% to 90% cocoa good for you or not or in moderation? For some reason I try not to buy but I ...
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For my Physical Education class, I had to do a sit-up test. I tried my best and reached the maximum amount (75 sit-ups). Two days after t...
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