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im 22 year old girl. im 5"4'. im slim,but my hips and buttocks are qite built up, i mean they are quite fat. they are around 38.how can i...
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So, our brain wants to protect us so it tries to shut us down from over fatiguing . . . sends signals that makes us want to stop. But if...
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So here’s the dilemma! I’m a skinny guy. An ectomorph or a hard gainer as they say. But I’ve always been active and energetic general...
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I've got two kids in sports. They are very active in general but have daily practices that are pretty intense. They have competitions/g...
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I have a history of lung cancer and asthma but I continue to run. My heart rate goes to 190 and stays between 180 and 190 while I run.
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what are the quick ways to lose weight?
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How can u lose a bellyfat?I really hate them Im a highschool student
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Hello, I am a 28 years old male, 69 inch height with body weight of 59 Kgs. I have been trying to increase my body weight from many year...
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This may sound weird, but when I work out (especially when I bench press and when I do bicep curls) I gag very easily, which causes me to...
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Hello! This will be a long post so please bare with me. Over the past 3 years I have been experiencing strange symptoms/episodes in...
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I was playing ice hockey with my 7 year old 2 weeks ago. He bumped in to me and I lost my balance and fell to the ice. It hurt like he**....
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It seems like a pretty common issue- you start exercising and after exercise, you start wanting to eat more. How doe you manage increasi...
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I had an operation a few months back and since then I've been losing a lot of weight. I've calculated by BMI and apparently, I'm underwei...
Iron is an essential part of the hemoglobin molecule which carries oxygen in the blood. The two most common types of people prone to iron...
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Hello all! I have been on a 1300 calorie diet since 1-9-06 (after finding that I've bulked up to 167 after the holidays - ouch!). I am ...
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NAFLD stands for Non alcoholic fatty liver disease.
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My 14-year old son has been failing in health for the last four years. Five out of seven doctors have told me that he's just depressed an...
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Happy New Year! This is the time of year that my gym FILLS to the brim with the new years resolution folks! I'm a little miffed at myse...
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Suggestions please - I have a lump / bump on either life of my legs above my ankles. I speed skate - the boots are tight and hard. When...
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I just wanted to see if anyone has experienced some of my problems. I am a 27 year old female; I am in a pretty good shape. I exercise re...
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