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I'm new here. Need help losing weight fast. I also have a bad knee
4 answers |
I started running again this week to prep for entering the military. My problem is that when I run I begin to taste copper when I exhale ...
2 answers |
4 months ago I fell backwards onto my outstretched hand. At the time it was not too painful and just felt a little sore. there was some s...
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I am having pain on the inside of my right ankle, right behind my ankle bone that protrudes. I picked up running about a month ago after ...
2 answers |
I am a healthy 20 year old female. I am a former collegiate long-distance runner; I stopped running competitively a few months ago, but s...
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I am a 56 year old non-smoking, white male, in excellent condition. I have 4 older siblings who, to date, have not shown any heart probl...
2 answers |
Back ground, I was a pretty healthy male up until I reached 28-30. I didn't exercise but my job in construction kept me fit. I went into ...
4 answers | 6 comments |
Hello! I am a 17-year-old female. I weight 157 and am about 5'7. I'm writing today because, while I am able to do weight lifting and use ...
5 answers | 11 comments |
My son wants to join the wrestling team....but i'm not sure if he should because i've heard that all wrestlers get ringworms....could you...
9 answers |
I'm a 35 and I just had a canalope size hernia removed last month ,what I'm asking is does anyone know how much weight we are allowed to...
1 answer |
I do weight training 5 days a week generally 7-9 pm in evening and after 10 of workout take half a scoop of ON GOLD STANDARD WHEY PROTEIN...
8 answers |
I'm looking for some At Home exercises I can do
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I have been training to get in shape to become a navy seal, that said ive been doing swimming, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and running f...
6 answers |
My fit but does not show steps even though it's linked up
1 answer |
It is known that you have to do abs exercise everyday or at least 6 days a week. So I'm thinking, should you workout your abs after all o...
1 answer | 2 comments |
What percentage of weight loss and maintaining that loss do you attribute to your diet and what percentage to your exercise routine? Is ...
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It all started when I woke up from my sleep as if I pulled a muscle in my right leg a couple weeks ago. It was hard to get up and walk, b...
1 answer |
I am in middle school and I've been bullied half of my life I hate the way my body looks and I am not confident in myself and I only wher...
4 answers |
Hi! I am 13 and I am also a javelin thrower, and thus, I lift weights to become stronger. I am 1.78 metres tall (5ft 10) and weigh 70kg (...
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Hello, when i am running or sprinting i feel like my throat closes and i can't breath properly and my i feel like my lungs are burning an...
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