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A good pair of fresh running shoes can make all the difference. Stores that specialize in fitting you specifically in running athletic s...
So I like kayaking and swimming in our local lakes in Colorado. I have O blood type. I release a lot of CO2 Iā€™m sure because I love to s...
Stretching and getting regular physical activity are the best way to prevent muscle cramping, but nutrition also plays a part: https://...
I have gastritis and GERD and really need to gain a lot of weight. Any good meal plans you would recommend? I am a wreck. Thanks.
Hi, I am 31, in good condition and I exercise regularily. Every once in a while I will exercise and after I am done I will shake (mos...
It all started back in September (9 months now) after several football (soccer) games. Every time I run or excert energy, I stumble onto ...
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