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Why is there close to a kilo variation between weight taken first thing in the morning and later in the day even if no food or drink is c...
My DietDiary asks for vitamin A in IU measurements when adding new foods, but my bag of potato chips only lists Vitamin A as 2% of the da...
1.GIVE THEM A GOOD SOAK: Extra-smelly feet can benefit from regular foot soaks. Add a 1/2 cup of mineral salts or kosher salt to a ba...
Really hoping someone can help. I had emergency surgery on 5th March 2019. I have had an umbilical hernia for a few years and until 5th M...
I'm 41 around 185 pounds and a few weeks ago i was lifting weights (a few weeks in or so) and while i was i heard a pop in my head and i ...
hi - i'm a 22yr old female and i just wondered if anyone out there has any idea to why i get (which i can only describe as..) clicking no...
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