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I've been seeing an image when I put my sunglasses on that looks like I'm looking at a blood cell through a microscope. They appear lik...
I am 26 years old. I have nearsightedness since I was 10. Currently I have high myopia with astigmatism in left eye (R -8.75 L -8.25 asti...
Is it possible to require a YAG procedure three and a half years after having successful cataract removal surgery? This involves my LE wh...
When in lighting I see a purple outline around black objects.. I have had my eyes checked twice by 2 eye doctors and one being an ophthal...
Brain tumor vision issues... worrying my weird vision symptoms may be linked to a brain tumor or something neurological. What are some sy...
I will break my matter into two questions, request you to answer individually Q1:- we all know that high eye pressure in open angle gla...
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