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Hello, I have had many intermittent eye issues since 2013 including diplopia and nystagmus (both thought to be due to nerve palsies), ...
My 16 yr old son is having seizures. They do not show up on EEG, his Cat Scan & MRI are fine. We were told they were conversion disorder ...
Hello to all, at consultation yesterday for cataract in RE only, surgeon advised standard monofocal set to intermediate, target post op r...
I posted this is a Reddit forum for cataract surgery and a responder suggested I post it here as well: In December 2021 I had cataract s...
Hello, I am interested in a girl for the purpose of marriage. But she has what I believe is called excessive scelera show. Her eyes are ...
I had surgery to remove a Tecnis DCB00 from my right eye this past Tuesday. (The surgeon had erroneously put in a lens that gave me clea...
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