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I have not driven since 2006. One of the reasons was because I almost caused an accident on three occasions when trying to get on the fre...
I woke up with a bright spot in my eye 4 days ago, and a smaller, much dimmer image of it is still present. When I say bright spot, it's...
Dear Doctors, In 2011 I had a PRK to eliminate my hyperomy and it din't succeed well. In 2012 was redone and got some monovision but us...
The bumps are not on my waterline, but actually on my inner eyelid I also have a bump growing on my tearduct I've had these for 2 week...
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help or offer any advice on my condition. Around 4 months ago I spent around a week soli...
Anyone care to share their experience and how they survived the face down position after surgery
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