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Why are my eyes always red and burning? I have used some things the Dr had given me, but the red and burning are still there. When I slee...
Ever since I can remember I have had what apparently is called visual snow. My eyes are very sensitive to light. It is difficult to drive...
Age: 22. Female. 6 days ago, I was getting over a small reaction to antibiotics that I had to take for 5 days for infection (I had no sym...
Hi, I bought new frame and was sent to update my prescription (by state law has to be done once a year). So, I was perfectly happy wit...
I went to my eye doctor and he has sent me to a specialist. He said that my optic nerve appeared very pale in color. (this is the secound...
Posted by: florescent lights by llacey, Sep 03, 2008 03:33PM In recent months, maybe even over a year I have developed a worsening prob...
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