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I have been on fertility hormones for 6 months. I took a combination of puregon, femara and ovidrel, steadily increasing until last mont...
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A clinic provides 1 IVF cycle for EUR 4,900, 2 cycles for EUR 6,900 (EUR 3,450 per cycle) and 5 cycles for EUR 9,900 (EUR 1,980 per cycle...
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hai i am 29 years old . i did 5 iui but no result. now i discontinued the treatment. suggest me wheather to continue or not.
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Hi all, I'm new here.   Here's my story: my ex partner and I TTC for 13 months without success. He has a kid from a previous marriage. H...
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My age is 38 years, my periods are gone past 4 years, only through medicines they came.. my doc took some tests in which fsh level= 106.8...
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Hi i want to know what my vaginal gram stain result means: Gram negative coccobacilli +3 Gram negative bacilli +1 Gram positive cocci...
I had an HSG test done a week ago today, my doctor originally said both of my tubes are blocked, but while looking at the picture(x-rays)...
I had blastocyst transfer 10 days ago from last 2 days i had brown discharge and today have kind of red bleeading
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i had a 2 in a half day period then a day later a lil light pink looks like implantation bleeding.... has anyone els had this happen and ...
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Hi everyone! As I said before I've been trying to get pregnant for 7months now and I'm trying to figure out why it hasn't happened yet. ...
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Hi ladies I have been trying to conceive for long I've been given clomid 50mg first cycle but it wasn't successful am trying for the se...
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I just took a pregnancy test this morning and it came out negative. :( I am 10 days post a 5 day embryo transfer and I have had no pregn...
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My husband was diagnosed with a zero sperm count. We really want a baby. Can this diagnosis be reversed, with meds or something else othe...
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My ex and I are having sex again and he says he can't get me pregnant because of how long he took Kolinipin. He wants children really bad...
Hi everyone i had the FET on April 30th, and they also said my embryo was growing slowly... but today(may4th) i got little bleeding in th...
Specialist told me I have a non functioning kidney because i have pain on my left side every month and for years it's ether i remove it o...
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I m trying to console since 1 year.... Doctor gave me progynova 2mg for 5days .. My ET is increasing 10mm bt egg is not growing y so??
Hi. I am 39 years old and was diagnosed with adenomyosis and endometriosis years ago. My husband and I have been TTC for 8 years now with...
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I had a Vasectomy 5 years ago. 3 years after the Vasectomy my wife was pregnant. We have had 4 negative sperm counts. A Certified DNA ...
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