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Questions in the Fertility/Infertility forum are answered by medical professionals. Topics covered include fertility or infertility issues, egg quality, fertility drugs and side effects, fertility tests, genetic testing, in-vitro fertilization (IVF), pregnancy reduction post IVF, ovulation, relationship issues, risk factors, sperm count/quality, and surgery.
I've been bleeding/spotting for the past 11 days and it's just now starting to slow. It started at 8 DPO and was mostly brown spotting wi...
Hello Doctor, I got married for 3 years, I got 2 abortions. 3 months 4 months back i came to know that i have pcod. I took diane 35 for 3...
I am trying to conceive but I have pcos because I am insulin resistance with high testosterone, which cause me to light bleed everyday th...
I'm 32 & I had a child two yrs ago. I've been trying to get pregnant for the past year without luck . Does any one think that a com...
Hi I had a positive pregnancy test on 22 of December 2013 and two weeks before that I had done IUI. I did an US last wednesday and this...
Not trying to conceive but not actively Not trying either, the last day of my December period was the 24th. My fiancé and I had intercour...
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