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WELCOME TO THE FIRST-TIME PARENT’S COMMUNITY: This is a support community for parents of children aged 0 to 6 months. Discussions in this community are related to the medical, financial and social challenges new parents face including development, sleep issues, babysitters, crying, teething, diapering, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, selecting a pediatrician, when to call the doctor, and all other new parent concerns.
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Hi there, my son is 5 weeks old and he kicks and waves his hands in his sleep. It looks like his fighting so I am worried if he gets enou...
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Hi, My baby turned 3 mnths yersterday*excited* however im going back to work nxt mnth. Im finding it so hard to let her spend time with o...
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I am not sure if this is the forum to post on about this particular matter, but giving baby 1-2oz of water... what's so "wrong" with it? ...
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Holy bananas... My baby keeps rolling herself over. She did it once at one week... Now she's 17 days old and she rolls constantly. Most...
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i am currently in my early stages of pregnancy is it normal to be experiencing spotting at this time?
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Iam a first time mom my son is a year old. But I have baby fever I want another one so bad.
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I'm going to the mother of a girl due July 26. Any tips and advice? I need every bit I can get!!
Is it normal for a 4wks old baby to pass out hard stools? He also cries and gruntle while doing it. He is breastfed.
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Hi wanted to know if anybody knows what can i give my baby for a cough he's only 2weeks old
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I had my son Dec. 22. I am in love with my lil guy. I am having horrible anxiety. This is my first baby. I am worry about breastfeeding ...
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oct. im having sex with my bf almost everyday.. oct 31 i did have sex with someone else.. november im delayed.. dec.16 i did use pregnanc...
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I had my babygirl January 1st, only had to get one stitch off to the side, didn't tear. Ive had light bleeding stringy like and last nig...
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How's everyone doing?
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I have a graco stroller, not sure the exact one but it's really bulky, the canopy always gets stuck under the tray and the front wheels a...
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When you started getting your period again how did you feel? The first time I had my period it wasn't that bad. But this time around I ha...
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I'm baby sitting my friends baby she is 1 month old and she has breathing really hard all morning kind of like she can't breath out of he...
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My daughter is 6 1/2 months old, I feel like she needs more to play with.. Any ideas? Do you think she's too old to get an exersaucer, i...
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So my son found his bottom lip.... He now ***** on it non stop and it's very irritated and broke out and chapped mom told me to gi...
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I read this today...and it helped. Hopefully it will help you ladies as well.
So a new mommy has a 5 month old who found his lower lip. He ***** on it constantly to where its chapped and raw. She has tried binkies, ...
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