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My 4 month old baby is having diaper rashes. I have tried a few products but did not see any result. Any suggestions?
Hi there, My 6 months old is not reaching out for anything. He does hold things if we put it on his hand but does not reach out himself...
My baby is 2 months now. He had trouble latching so I couldn't breastfeed him till today. He got used to bottle so now he gets grumpy whe...
I stared getting cold sores a few years ago. Since I had my first baby (3 months ago) it seems like I have been breaking out constantly! ...
Well, my diaper change experience is always messy with my boy spraying just when I change him. I tried changing his diaper on the bed, on...
The only way I can get my son to fall asleep is to lay him on my chest. Are there any tips to getting him to fall asleep on his on?
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