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I just got my Oscar about a week ago and has been doing fine up until now. She is hiding in the back of the tank and at the bottom and he...
Hi, my sister has got an aquarium which she has had for the last year. Recently the fish have gotten whitespot, she treated the water onc...
i have an albino oscar in a 80 gal tank with 2 red tipped tinfoil sharks, a "window cleaner" , and a florida gar ... i dont know what to ...
I recently got a tiny frog to go in my beta tank, but it won't eat a thing. I can't even figure out what kind of frog it is. In the store...
I just returned a goldfish to Petco for being mean to my other fish-chasing her around with his nose up her butt- or I think that's where...
Hi friends.Its the first time I post here in a fish community, my place was always at the cat's one. I never had a fish,and now I have 3...
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